Jere Aalto, Anne Broe Kristensen, Cian Burke, and David Magnusson attended the MFA Programme in photography at Valand Academy between 2015 and 2017. The programme is aimed at fostering critical awareness and one of the goals of the education is to deepen the understanding of photography and explore the creative possibilities of the medium. The driving force within this is the movement between creation and reflection, allied with a curiosity towards other fields of art practice and their respective worlds of images.


The education places an emphasis on the students’ individual development, as the exhibition Interstices clearly demonstrates. The visitor encounters new works by four young photographers driven by diverse interests and desires, something which becomes immediately discernible through the distinct visual expression of the works.


Despite their different approaches, certain shared characteristics can be identified within the works, the most obvious being what could be referred to as an editorial or curatorial relationship to the presentation of their images. At first glance the arrangements may seem arbitrary, but reveal themselves to maintain connections of both a visual and narrative character.


With all four there is also a conscious approach to, and exploiting of, photography’s specific characteristics – not least the issues of representation that are strongly associated with the photographic image. What is important, however, is that this occurs without the unique nature of the photograph being unambiguously defined or defended, but instead as an open experiment into the kind of meaning and impact photography can have.