For about two months, divided into three periods – May and September 2017 and April 2018, the Spanish photographer Carlos Alba lived in our town and worked from his studio at the Seed Factory. Alba is the third recipient of Landskrona Foto Residency. The town’s photo resident is carefully selected and is invited to depict Landskrona from his or her special outsider perspective. Under the title “The Taste of The Wind”, the exhibition presents what Alba saw and discovered in Landskrona.


In the exhibition Alba combines his recent work with older pictures that he has searched out in the archives of Landskrona Museum. Alba investigates a crucial issue, not just for Landskrona but for the whole world: Migration – people who have to or want to find somewhere to live other than the place where they were born. What does a home mean? Alba has portrayed people who have recently arrived in Landskrona and those who have lived here a long time.


Carlos Alba is an immigrant himself, born in Madrid in 1984 but working in London since three years back. He is chiefly interested in social relations and the traces we leave behind us in relation to time and geographical location. Alba works in several different media, and in the last few years he has created an international platform for his art.


Supported by Spanish Embassy in Sweden.