Our ambition is that Landskrona becomes the capital of photography in Scandinavia. We want photography to manifest itself in public spaces, from shop windows to parks and old buildings, and become a perceptible part of experiencing the city. This is both an open invite for the visitor to discover the city and a practical consideration about what public spaces – so often privatized by advertising or market economics – can and must be.

We want artistic expressions to merge and complement each other; hence the festival is not restrained by a theme. However current issues like identity, reality and our relationship with nature run across the program. The core of this festival is about celebrating photography, as well as celebrating the artists without whom this could not be possible. It’s about creating an exciting visual space, about stirring emotion and provoking discussion. It’s about getting people to think about these images, their context, their transformations and the possible future impact.

// Christian Caujolle and Jenny Nordquist, Artistic Directors

Photo: Viktoria Blomberg Book, Neak Sophals outdoor exhibition.