14–23 SEPTEMBER 2018

Once a year, the little Swedish city of Landskrona turns into a buzzing photographic metropolis – Landskrona Foto Festival.

The art of photography becomes a part of the urban environment, in the parks and the shops, while simultaneously occupying the sanctuaries of fine culture. The love of photography, the commitment and drive to make Landskrona a photo city, reaches its crescendo during ten days in September. You cannot fail to notice the ambition: to become The Capital of Photography in Scandinavia. The festival has established itself as our most important photo event nationally, and it has also made an international impact.

This year, over 120 exhibiting photographers from the whole world can be seen in this sixth edition of the festival.

Welcome to ten days of exhibitions, artist talks, workshops and much more!



Landskrona Foto festival is growing and more great photographers want to be part of our festival. 

Below we will be listing information about other exhibitions beeing shown during Landskrona Foto Festival, but who are not a part of our official program. 

Please pay them all a visit!

Is what you see, what you see?

Galleri Grundstof at Art Gallery Peter Plato, Kungsgatan 22, Landskrona.

Photograph’s subject and materiality exists in a dialogic relation with each other and with the viewer – they comment and challenge each other: What is seen at first glance? The subject or the photograph’s material existence?

The three photographers are Lotte Agger, Mia Mai Dengsø Graabæk and Sofie Pihl. All of them work with recognizable everyday subjects but they reproduce more and something else than what is visible to the naked eye through their processings.

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Photo: Sofie Phil, School of Pink


Circus I love you

A unique opportunity to see one of Europe’s top contemporary circuses on their only stop in southern Sweden.

 A fun, breathtaking contemporary circus on tour through Europe. Eight acrobats from four different countries and in absolute world class has gathered and produced a piece of magic: Circus I love you!

Kasernplan, Landskrona

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Galleri 1658

Photographer Örjan Kristenson present´s his work with the collection of Christer Strömholm´s photographic legacy (1985-1999).

But also portraits by one of our times most significant photographers.

Norra Kyrkogränd 28, Landskrona

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Thor-Björn Johansson


Norra Långgatan 23, Landskrona

Thor-Björn Johansson is the winner of Landskronahem’s photo competition 2018. He presents the exhibition NEAR with the challenge of porttraying a very small area behind Landskrona old Railway Station in black and white silver gelatin photographs.

In addition, there will be a book release with Thor-Björn Johansson’s new art photography book WHAT WAS – IS which is a natural follow-up to his exhibition with the same name at Landskrona Foto Festival, 2014.

I have photographed in a very limited area in Landskrona behind the old railway station, among freight wagons in a deserted industrial enviroment. 

To me it is interesting to experience the feelings, memories and aesthetics that come here with rhe
changing light, the shapes and the symbols.

I have deepened my impressions in the black and white silvergelatinephotographs through the slow,
artistic process that involves the work in the darkroom.

My challenge in the NEAR project has been that the viewer beyond his world should be able to be
touched by the abstractions that reality shows in this quiet place.


Hans Jonsson – Silver och Ljus

Wet plate collodion fotografi

Rådhustorget 9

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Ralph Nykvist 18.8-30.9


Höganäs museum och konsthall, Höganäs

Sebastian Sardi

Black Diamond

Galleri Moment, Ängelholm

Jean Hermansson – 30.9

FABRIKEN Bästekille, Kivik

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one point five degrees

Prästasvängen, Ven

PORTFOLIO REVIEW – submisson is now closed

This year, Landskrona Foto Festival will again become a networking place for photographers and professionals, during a two-day Portfolio Review.

The reviews take place from 15-16th September 2018 at the Landskrona City hall. The winning contribution will be exhibit during Landskrona Foto Festival 2019.

This is a unique opportunity for emerging artists worldwide to showcase their photographic projects and meet with international professionals, in the framework of Scandinavia’s leading festival.

While the reviews themselves are private one-on-one meetings, the general public will be invited to meet and engage with the participants in an informal way, and can view their work in a projection. The primary purpose of this event it to connect emerging talents with curators, gallerists, publishers, festival directors, editors, and of course, allow them to establish working relationships among themselves. Often, these personal contacts will to exhibitions and publications. More often, it helps the photographers to get a better idea of what the market demands, and to develop singular sales and exhibition strategies.

Previous years have seen good results, with participants having been invited to festivals in Derby, Leipzig, Dublin and Athens as a direct result of taking part in our reviews. Several articles, books, ediorials have also been published, thanks to the newly forged relationships.

Some testimonials from last year’s participants and reviewers:

“The Landskrona Portfolio Review was very professionally organised.”

“Great reviews with critical questions and new ways of seeing my projects develop.”

„The perfect venue to meet like-minded people and have an interesting conversation about photography.“

„The portfolio review was more than I expected, and I would recommend everyone I know to take the opportunity to apply, because of the feedback being constructive and gave a lot for me to continue work with. Which was exactly what I needed.”

Inscription open now until July 15th, via picter.com
Inscription Fee: 2500 SEK (roughly 250 €), for 7 reviews of 20 minutes each.




The reviewers will award the year’s most interesting and promising portfolio with the opportunity to exhibit in the coming year at Landskrona Foto Festival. The exhibition production is sponsored by Artproof up to a value of 5,000 euros.

Artproof is a service oriented fine art laboratory with locations in Estonia, Sweden and Germany. Artproof offers customers a one-stop full service — scanning, retouching, printing, mounting, framing, Diasec®, packing, crating and shipping.


Previous winners
2017: Anna Ehrenstein (Germany). We look forward seeing her exhibition in Landskrona during the festival of 2018!
2016: Kacper Kowalski (Poland)
2015: Johan Willner (Stockholm, Sweden)
2014: Johan Österholm (Malmö, Sweden) 


This year we also have an additional opportunity for young Nordic photographers. Two photographers each from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Polen and Sweden will be selected to receive not only free Participation to the event but also free accommodation in Landskrona during the first weekend of the festival.

This opportunity is sponsored by Nordic Culture Fund and Polish Institute.


For the second year, Beate Cegielska from Gallery Image in Århus, Denmark and curator Moritz Neumüller will are responsible for the selection of the reviewing team and the overall organisation of the event.

Beate Cegielska is director of Image Galleri in Aarhus, Denmark. She has curated a great amount of group- and solo exhibitions by Danish and International artists in Europe, South Korea, China and India. She is a regular reviewer at photography festivals around our globe.

Moritz Neumüller has worked for international institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, La Fábrica in Madrid and PhotoIreland, in Dublin. He currently directs the Photography Department of IED Madrid and is chief curator of the Photobookweek Aarhus, Denmark.

The application period is now open through picter.com! Deadline for application – 15th July.

Any questions? Please contact portfolioreview@landskronafoto.org



Landskona Foto & Breadfield are very happy to announce our winner of this year´s dummy award:

Congratulations – Pietro Paolini!

Paolini who is from Florence, Italy and submitted the dummy Buscando a Bolìvar.

He graduated from the Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence in 2005. 2004 he started to take interest in the South American reality, focusing on the new socialist countries, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. In 2006 he founded, with three other photographers, the TerraProject collective, which deals with social and geographical issues in Italy. His photographs have been exhibited in Italy and abroad. He has contributed as a freelance with both Italian and international magazines. In 2009 he won the “Canon Young Photographers Award” and in 2012 his work “Bolivianas” won a prize at World Press Photo.

Honorable mentions are:

Dani Pujalte (Spanien)

Karoliina Paatos (Finland)

Carlos Chavarria (USA)

Once again we would like to thank all the 227 artists who submitted their dummies and welcome you as part of the festival program. The slide show of your single images you submitted will be outstanding! The slideshow can be seen at Exercishallen during our Photobook days 14-16th September.

The Landskrona Foto Dummy Award was arranged for the first time in 2015 and offers photographers , to through a jury assessment get their photobook dummy published with a support from Landskrona Foto.

The book will be designed, printed and distributed by Landskrona Foto. The photographer will also receive a number of books to dispose over.

The winner of Landskrona Foto Dummy Award will be elected by a jury during the summer of 2018. After the selection the winner will be invited to participate during Landskrona Foto Festival. As part of the official festival program the photographer will make a public appearance and present her or his project.

Any questions? Please contact festival@landskronafoto.org



Landskrona Foto Festival is looking for volunteers for this year’s festival. As a volunteer you might work as an exhibition host, guide visitors around the festival, attend to exhibiting photographers or give a helping hand to the permanent staff when needed. You get to meet new people, exchange experiences and at the same time enjoy world renowned photography. 

Sounds interesting? Contact project manager Tina Jönsson for more information:

Sign up as volunteer

Our submission form will open in a new window. Apply as volunteer by following this link >>>

Landskrona Foto Festival volunteer group on Facebook >



Once a year, the small town of Landskrona becomes an international photo metropolis. Welcome!


Opening hours, exhibitions

  • Friday 14th September 12:00-22:00
  • Saturday 15th September 10:00-20:00
  • Sunday 16th September 10:00-18:00
  • Monday 17th September – Sunday 23rd September 12:00-17:00



Tickets may be pre bought on our website (our web shop will soon be updated) or directly on set in Landskrona museum or in Landskrona Art Hall. 

  • One Day Pass, valid 14-16th September 190 SEK
  • Weekend Pass, valid 14-16th September 380 SEK
  • One Day Pass, valid 17th – 23rd September 100 SEK



The Festival Centre is our hub for meetings and questions. You can find us in the middle of the buzz of the Photobook Days in Exercishallen, ready to answer your questions. This is also where you can pick up your pre-ordered ticket and press accreditation.



Landskrona Foto Festival recommends the following accommodations:



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Landskrona is a small city in the southern of Sweden. You can easily travel here from both Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup CPH) and Malmö Airport (Sturup MMX) or Helsingborg (AGH).


The train from Copenhagen Airport takes about 1 hour (direction Malmö/Helsingborg). When you arrive in Landskrona the bus station is located right outside the train station. Take bus number 2, 3 or 5 to get to the city center (approx. a ten minute ride). The local train / bus website is www.skanetrafiken.se



Landskrona is a small city in the southern of Sweden. The city has approx.. 44 000 inhabitants. Read more about Landskrona here www.landskrona.se

Grand Opening

The festival opens during Friday the 14th of September. 


Dummy Award

The winner of Landskrona Foto & Bredfield Dummy Award will be choosen by a jury during August 2018. The winner will be invited to Landskrona during the festival in September.

As part of the official festival program the winner will make an public presentation of his or hers photobook project. 

Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review for photographers and photographic artists 15 – 16 September.

Location: Rådhuset


15 September, Exercishallen.

With Tiffany Jones and Matilda Plöjel.