“As far as the eye can see” is part of the large-scale exhibition Fukushima – No Go Zone by the artists Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression. The exhibit continues inside Citadellet.

Ayesta and Bression rushed to Fukushima after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. To see for themselves. To bear witness. They photographed not to testify but of necessity, because they could not believe their eyes, and that — the unbelievable magnitude of the devastation — turned their amazement into a project.

The fruits of their numerous visits are six series of strongly aesthetic photographs which mix posed situations with a documentary approach. Offbeat photos, which stimulate thought at the consequences of a nuclear accident on such a scale. There are black bags piled up on five floors until the eyes can’t reach the end. The geometric endlessness of the “As far as the eye can see” visualizes the organized and methodical nature of the decontamination project in Fukushima, as well as its excessiveness.

This “great cleaning” project of radioactivity, of an unprecedented scale, will eventually generate 25 million cubic metres of nuclear waste, equivalent to 10,000 Olympic pools full of contaminated branches, leaves and soil. The decontamination, supposed to give back Fukushima’s lands their virginity, ends up visually polluting the region’s landscape. The black bags, like ominous birds, bring back the memory of the nuclear accident and jeopardizes the population’s potential return.

Carlos Ayesta was born in 1985 in Caracas, Venezuela. He now lives and works in Paris, France. He is a freelance photographer specializing in architectural photography. He was selected for the SFR Jeunes Talents competition in 2012, and for the fifth annual SOPHOT contest. He has also been a finalist in the EPAP awards. Ayesta is a member of the Hans Lucas studio.

Guillaume Bression was born in Paris in 1980, and moved to Tokyo in 2010. Trained as a scientist, he works as a photographer and freelances as head camera operator. He covers Japan, Korea and the Philippines for various daily newspapers, magazines and television stations. Bression is a member of the Hans Lucas studio.


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