The « Lumière des roses » Gallery explores the huge and fertile field of anonymous photography to single out images that the eye – regardless of the signature – will identify as holding an intrinsic value, freedom, a force of evocation or any reason for which there will not necessarily be a word.

We have been in the business of ‘image hunting’ for twelve years. During all this time we have simply been looking and looking. To the question : ‘What are you looking for?’ we reply without affectation, or any desire to hide anything, that we don’t know until we see it. We are not trying to find something in particular, any particular technique, any special era, or signature. We are simply looking for the photos whose mystery lies in the fact that one never quite finishes looking at them.

In the endless stream of photographic images there is perhaps just one picture that will stop us in our tracks out of hundreds. When we see it, we recognise it instantly. It stands out in a particular way; it has something that seems to escape us; it seems to say something over and above the image that it portrays; it lends itself to the state of looking, or dreaming.

Galerie Lumière des Roses

Nygatan 12
19-28 augusti 2016

Directors: Marion & Philippe Jacquier
Exhibited Artists in Landskrona: Xavier Combes – Zorro – Anonymous