Landskrona Foto and LSR AB announces an

OPEN CALL on the theme “Onepointfivedegrees”

Climate change is no longer a concern solely for scientists and environmentalists. Global warming is perhaps the most crucial political and economic issue that will determine the future of our planet, and it’s a point which is not lost on the world of art. Photography plays a prolific role in questioning the status quo and challenging the viewer to reconsider their opinions and beliefs.

In 2017 Donald Trump withdraws the US from the COP 21 Paris agreement where 55 countries agreed to pursue policies that would halt warming from climate change at 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. When ruthless politicians challenge our collective goals the future is more than ever in our own hands; we as individuals need to take action. 

LSR AB, a waste management company in Landskrona that this year celebrates its 40 years anniversary, and Landskrona Foto wants to create a unique outdoor exhibition using photography as the medium to promote development of a sustainable environment. Therefore we seek photographic projects that examine the human impact on our environment, both locally and internationally.

A jury will evaluate the images submitted and a selection of 3 images from 4 photographers will be exhibited in an outdoor exhibition in the City Centre. There is an award of 500 euro for each selected winner

It’s free of charge to submit 3-6 images on the theme. They can both be single images or part of a series. The festival will pay for the production of the selected images.


Name your photos like this:  johanjohansson_untitled1.jpeg (don’t use any special characters)

Max 15 mb and at least 200 dpi.

Deadline 1/10

The Jury consists of:
Mimmi Sjögren, communication officer LSR AB
Mandy Barker, British artist and photographer
Noémie Goudal, French artist and photographer
Karin Warlin, teacher in natural science at Öresundsgymnasiet, Landskrona

Jenny Nordquist, director of Landskrona Foto Festival

Photo: Anna Katharina Scheidegger outdoor exhibition at Landskrona Foto Festival 2016.

Applications are now closed. For questions regarding the Open Call please contact Göran Nyström at