Eighteen newly graduated artists from Akademin Valand’s bachelor’s programme in photography in 2016 exhibit “Det är allt” (That is All). Through a great many different media and expressions they explore perceived realities and fictions with works that have their source in three years’ profound study of photography and its premises. The works have several different points of contact: everything from everyday life and dimensions of consumed time to the inadequacy and limitations of photography. It is through the diversity of media – such as film, video, photography, and installation – that the exhibition can show the complexity that exists in the nature of art and of human beings; a nature that delimits and is inadequate but can contain everything at the same time. When it is difficult to discern a common theme in the complexity, the shared feature in the use of the photographic gaze makes the exhibition into a unique sample of the currents flowing through a new generation of artists and photographers.

Det är allt 
Akademin Valand’s Alumnus Exhibition

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