The City of Landskrona is the principal behind Landskrona Foto, with the Cultural Amenities Committee as the politically responsible body. The project has a steering group consisting of politicians from the municipal Executive Committee, the Cultural Amenities Committee and senior officials. The project receives strong support from different bodies in Region Skåne and from local business.



Jenny Nordquist
Avdelningschef Landskrona Foto
Kjell Thoresson
Förvaltningschef, Fritids- och kulturförvaltningen
+46 (0) 418-47 05 20
Tina Jönsson
Projektledare Landskrona Foto
+46 (0) 418 47 30 16
Janne Jönsson
Curator Landskrona Foto
Caroline Larsson Saglamoglu
Information- och Marknadsansvarig
+46 733-47 33 40
Göran Nyström
Senior Advisor Landskrona Foto
Jenny Lindhe
Curator, Projektledare Fotoboksdagen, Fotoantikvarie Landskrona Foto
+46 (0)418 47 05 66
Nichlas Olsson
Teknisk coordinator
0046 (0) 418-47 05 70
Tommy Arvidson
Fotoboksdagen och Fotoboksmarknad
Tony Kristensson
Projektledare Fotoboksdagen Bildkonstnär och grundare av Galleri Breadfield
Beate Cegielska
Portfolio Review Landskrona Foto Festival
Moritz Neumüller
Portfolio Review Landskrona Foto Festival
Nils Petter Löfstedt
Fotoantikvarie / Jean Hermanson-samlingen


Landskrona Foto Festival 2017 is gaining increasing support, and our ability to present a more exciting range of exhibitions and events is a result of the support we receive from the companies and the institutional partners we collaborate with. We wish to express our sincere thanks to:


– Artproof is a service oriented fine art laboratory with locations in Estonia, Sweden and Germany. Artproof offers customers a one-stop full service — scanning, retouching, printing, mounting, framing, Diasec®, packing, crating and shipping. We print over 100 photo exhibitions every year for artists all over the world.


– Arkitektkopia, a nationwide service company in the graphic sector with the competence that the photo festival needs for high-quality printing of images for outdoor display.

– GöteborgsTryckeriet, a printing house with a strong quality profile, particularly in photobooks. The company dominated the nominations for last year’s Svensk Bokkonst awards. GöteborgsTryckeriet helps the festival with products printed on paper.

– Landskronahem, Landskrona’s biggest property company, with a strong ambition to provide good housing and contribute to the positive development of the city.

– LSR, the local public cleansing company for Landskrona and Svalöv, which has developed so far that 99% of all household waste is now recycled as new raw materials or other utilities such as energy. LSR makes it possible for the festival to offer inhabitants of Landskrona and Svalöv free admission to the festival’s exhibitions.

– Mazars, an internationally established company working in auditing, accounting and tax consultancy, with service, commitment and accessibility as pronounced goals.

– Serneke, an innovative and expansive group of companies in building, construction, project development and property management. Serneke has several projects currently running in Skåne, and in Landskrona the group is developing Fröfabriken – a house of culture in an area that is to become a centre for health, innovation, research and education, with housing and offices.

Institutional partners

– Fabrica is a communication research centre. It is based in Treviso, Italy, and is an integral part of the Benetton Group. Established in 1994 from a vision of Luciano Benetton, Fabrica offers young people from around the world a one-year scholarship, accommodation and a round-trip ticket to Italy, enabling a highly diverse group of researchers.

– Kultur Skåne, which has given us strong moral and financial support throughout our build-up period, so that we can create a powerful centre in Skåne and in Landskrona for photography at a Nordic level.

– Sparbanksstiftelsen Skåne supports our important project in collaboration with the University in Lund to strengthen photographic research.

– CFF (The Centre for Photography) and the photo authors in the Swedish Photographers’ Association also give us important support for the photobook events.

– The Polish Institute and Pro Helvetia, who have contributed to the showing of works from those countries.

– CFF, The Centre for Photography, is a nationwide association representing the interests of photographers and photography. The association has a twofold purpose: to educate the public and spread knowledge about the photographic image, and to support different types of professionals working with photography.