Anders Petersen and Alberto García-Alix were the holders in successive years, 2014 and 2015, of the residency at the international photo festival in Valparaíso. Petersen and Garcia-Alex are two of the world’s most famous and award-winning photographers. They have their origin in different cultures and they differ in temperament, but there are also similarities between them. Both, for example, work consistently in black and white. Under the roof of Tyghuset, Landskrona Foto Festival presents the photographic essays that Petersen and García-Alix produced during their periods of residence in Valparaíso.


Petersen was born in Stockholm in 1944, and García-Alix in the city of León in Spain in 1957. Petersen was a pupil at Christer Strömholm’s now legendary school of photography. He is one representative of the line in Swedish photographic history that partly arose out of that school, which broke with earlier traditions; the pictorial idiom became more expressive and artistic, depicting the unseen, the details of the world, the people in-between, and those left outside. García-Alix’s pictorial sphere has been similar, but he has also worked with the big fashion magazines and is known for his portraits in motorcycle settings. He is one of the voices of a new generation of Spanish picture makers, artists and authors who have become trendsetters since the 1980s.


Valparaíso is a city with 42 hills on the coast of Chile, with a population of just under 300,000, and it bears the imprint of its colonial heritage. Petersen and García-Alix have both walked the cobblestones and alleys of the city, they have met people and animals, they have seen the modern and the unmodern. In these encounters there is a longing, an intimacy with the city, an effort to discover its soul.

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