In the series Album I have primarily used my own childhood experiences as a point of departure when portraying my daughters, their cousin and closest friends. The photographs are taken at our summer house in Stockholm archipelago. This work is about the significance, and the joy of having a particular place to return to. I think these summers have laid the foundation for my life-long interest in humans and our complicated relation to Nature.

When I was little I had the idea that adults lived in a different reality than ours, and it felt as if we lived in a parallel universe.

It was at the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies, a time which celebrated freedom and boundlessness on many levels.

The images from the series Album were photographed between the years 1993-2004 but have not been published or exhibited before. I decided to portray my children in order to have any images whatsoever of these moments. I do not document my family’s daily life and I have few private photographs except for these. I also wanted my children to be adults before I published them.

Photography has been my strategy for dealing with the transience of being. Photography’s connection to time and memory has had a major importance in my choice of photography over other artistic expressions. At the time I believed that with the help of photography I could conjure up the elusiveness of time. When I started working in the late eighties I mainly worked with portraits, but in the last years I have not photographed people at all. This body of works can therefore be considered as a kind of closure of that period.

Helene Schmitz
Lisslö Gård, March 4 2016

Pumphusets konsthall
16 July-4 September 2016