the future is ours

Pedro Sabino Koch (PT), Antonina Gugała (PL), Ramona Güntert (DE), Joshua Phillips (UK), Milán Rácmolnár (HU), Laura Rämö (FI), Jacopo Tomassini (IT)

Curated by Emese Mucsi (HU) 


The Future is ours. This is a phrase which has ambivalent meanings for the emerging photographers from all over Europe taking part in this exhibition initiated by Parallel european photo based platform at Landskrona Foto Festival this year.

On the one hand, the seven participating artists still remember the feelings from the 2000’s when this sentence sounded so enthusiastic and emancipating to them, members of the Generation Next who were born between the 80’s and the mid 90’s. On the other hand, by now, in the era of the q-tip holder seahorse and the turtle deformed by a six-pack ring, its connotations had gotten more and more depressing and gloomy. The phrase constantly reminds them of their responsibilities as visual artists of capturing visions of our seemingly post-apocalyptic future.

Contemporary vanitas snapshots; photo series based on the analysis of archival materials belonging to a historical museum; meticulously composed and captured uncanny visions of post-human body parts; seascape photo films and conceptual photo installations based on ornamental wallpapers as photographic research projects of natural phenomena the works on show are dynamic ‘visions-in-the-future’ grounded in a present that still has a chance, maybe the last, to alter its future to come.

The seven personal interviews with each artists published in the exhibition catalogue and displayed on site as part of the show add broader context to the artworks. In these conversations the photographers give an insight to their studios, their intimate surroundings where the artist’s works are produced: they tell about their educational background, inspirations, artistic practices, experiments, readings, political views, statements. And they elaborate on their future visions.