Collections begin without a plan, through passion, as natural as breathing, as the desire takes you, these are real self-portraits.

That of Isabelle Darrigrand consists of meetings. It is, among a thousand other things, what remains of those encounters with works, with single images or with artists. It is the fruit of a deeply personal dialogue that slowly develops between a person and the creations she discovers, spontaneously adores or learns to love.

This dialogue is centred on the concerns running through a lifetime, that underpin values, that respect the other and are open to the other’s propositions. So, in a nearly natural manner, one wants to say, it is the human that is at the heart of the matter. Humans in their diversity and in the diversity of approaches that humans have generated. Many portraits, and so, questioning looks, and more questions on the meaning of gesture, of the body in the space it defines for itself and that is granted to it.

Grateful to artists to help us see and think about the world, Isabelle Darrigrand generously allows us to share her passions, far from fashions or trends. Just out of necessity and pleasure.

Christian Caujolle.

Isabelle Darrigrand is a French photo collector. For almost 20 years now, with her husband Charlie Baum, and thanks to their relationship with Christian Caujolle, she has been gathering a personal collection mainly involved in contemporary photography with social, political and human issues. 128 photographs by 30 artists will be displayed in the exhibition curated for Landskrona Foto Festival. Amongst the exhibiting photographers are names such as Bernard Faucon, Michael Ackerman, Nicholas Nixon, Laura Henno, Jeffrey Silverthorne and many more. 

Mogadishu, Somalia, May 22nd, 2009.

Government-aligned militiamen try to repeal an attack by Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahedeen.

© Matthias Bruggmann / Galerie Polaris /