Anaïs Lopez – The Migrant

LOCATION: Landskrona Konsthall. Slottsgatan, 261 31 Landskrona MAP.
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Anaïs López (born 1981) is an artist from Amsterdam. She won the Landskrona Foto & Artproof Portfolio Review Award in 2018.

In 2012, in a hotel room in Singapore, a black bird with an orange beak – a Javan myna – came to see Lopez. The Javan myna had chosen her to hear its life story. Lopez listened, and from the story told by the little starling she has created the work The Migrant.

Lopez got her training in artistic and documentary modes of expression and practices. The Migrant is a study in storytelling. Equal parts documentary and fable, with imagination and humour, Lopez tells the story of the Javan myna. The Migrant is a narrative told in a modern way, continuing the tradition of folktales where animals teach humans. What does it mean to be an outsider, and how do you achieve security in life? How do you find a place to call home?

Anaïs López

The story is told through several different platforms and techniques. Lopez has used photographs, video and text, as well as classic crafts such as hand-printed silkscreens and specially cut-out pop-up pictures. The work takes shape in a book, an interactive web documentary and a radio documentary. A story is multiplied when it is illuminated from many directions. Lopez creates fictitious collaborations with experts and people whose lives have come into contact with the Javan myna. The photographer changes perspective, zooming in and out. The exhibition is a bridge between private and public, between town and country, and it shows the consequences of rapid urbanization. The Javan myna is an endangered species. Threatened by another species: Man. We are both those who crowd out other species and those who try to save them.