Britta Jaschinski – Wildlife or Commodity

LOCATION: Shop windows at Storgatan/Slottsgatan Landskrona MAP.

Britta Jaschinski. Photo by Ghita.

Britta Jaschinski was born in Germany in 1965. In the 1990s she moved to the UK to study photography and today she works in London.

In the series Wildlife Or Commodity? Jaschinski questions the humanhunting and trading in wildlife. With her unique photojournalistic style, she portrays the exploitation of living and dead animals. She has won several prestigious international photo awards and her work is regularly published in magazines such as The National Geographic.   

This is only a small selection of Jaschinski’s great work. These are photographs of animal parts that humans will use in various ways. Feet from an elephant that will become tables, rhino horns that will be ground down and sold for potency enhancing qualities, and animal heads that will be put on walls. Jaschinski’s photographs are brutal, but they effectively illustrate how cruel humans can be to other species. How we cause suffering and humiliation. “The truth matters” says Jaschinski.  

In 2017, Jaschinski, together with a few other well-established photographers, formed “Photographers Against Wildlife Crime”. The goal is to end the illegal trade with wild animals during our lifetime. Criminal exploitation of animals is the world’s fourth largest organized crime. The greedy demand for products made of animal parts leads to the fact that many species are threatened with extinction. Jaschinski means that the battle is almost lost. Soon all elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions and giraffes will be out of stock. 

“Elephant Footstools”, photo Britta Jaschinski.