Conference: photography and / as knowledge (2019)

In April 2019, the Department of Sociology at Lund University in cooperation with Landskrona Foto hosted the exhibition Pierre Bourdieu In Algeria: Testimonies of Uprooting. In connection to the exhibition the Department of Sociology arranged a conference with the purpose of exploring photography as a base for knowledge in both cultural heritage and research.

The  conference aimed to build a strong Scandinavian research network around the photographic image, including multidisciplinary academic and artistic perspectives. The design of the conference was based on participants’ contributions.

Picturing Algeria: Ethnographic Photography and Critique
Franz Schultheis, St. Gallen University (CH)

Imaging Social Spaces 
Crystal Palace and After: Architectural Photography and Social Imaginaries. Karl Palmås, Chalmers and Kalle Sanner, University of Gothenburg (SE)
Shape, Surface, Volume, Dust, and Realism: Image-based 3D Modelling and the Rendering of Dirt, Use, and Time. Emma Nilsson, Lund University and Björn Nilsson, Lund University (SE)

Truth, Trust, and Visual Veracity
Interwar Lens Cultures – Photography and Film in Transition. Niclas Östlind, Louise Wolthers and Mats Jönsson, University of Gothenburg (SE)
Impossible Spaces. Jennifer Pranolo, UC Berkeley (US)
Photography and Multiple Realities. Britt-Marie Johansson and Ulrika Wennersten, Lund University, and Åke Nilsén, Halmstad University (SE)

Whose Images, Whose Archives?
”The long walk: following the tick-ticking sounds into the unknown – or, The omitted” Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn, artist (SE) 
Only That What Tells: Photography as a Meeting Place for the Creation of Meaning. Gabi Louisedotter, Lund University (SE)

Photography, Urbanization, and Decay
Dreams Don’t Die. Jacob Kimvall, Stockholm University (SE)
Photograffiti – constructing subcultural identities through social media. Malcolm Jacobson, Stockholm University (SE)

Workshop: DiffReactional Reflections Through Mirroring
Helga Steppan, Linnaeus University and Nicklas Marelius, artist (SE)

The Image of America
Christer Lindberg, Lund University (SE)

Photographing Peace, Conflict, and Violence
”Images-substitutes and visual fake history: Historical images of atrocity of the Ukrainian famine 1932-1933 on social media”. Ekatherina Zhukova, University of Copenhagen (DK)
Photography and Knowledge About State Violence in Thailand. Karin H. Zackari, Lund University (SE)

Photography and Memory
Anna Lisa Tota, Roma Tre University (IT)

Images and their Movements
Photogenic Drawings and Unfixed Images. Richard Barlow, Hartwick College (US)
Post-mortem Photographs: Difficult Heritage? Satu Savia, curator Helsinki City Museum(FI)

Photography and Method
Process and Embodiment in Photographic Practice: Walking, Learning, and Creativity in a Norwegian Mountain. Tine Blom, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (NO)
A Factorial Design of Photographs for Comparative Historical Research. Tim Liao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US)
Poetic Storytelling in Icelandic Photography. Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir, Iceland University of the Arts (IS)

Style, Technology, and Meaning 
Visual Abstractions, Interactive Knowledge and Conventional Practice in Photography. Árni Sverrisson, Stockholm University (SE)
It is a Light Which Objectifies Everything and Confirms Nothing. Hilde Honerud, artist (NO)

Imaging New Archives
Silent Things: Photographing Objects That Shape Our Social Selves. Kirstine Autzen, artist (DK)
Riksarkivet’s Big Bet on Photography. Jonas Palm, Swedish National Archives (SE)

Closing meeting and next steps
Alison Gerber, Britt-Marie Johansson and Christopher Mathieu

The conference was financed with support from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.