12.5-27.8 2023 DES OISEAUX / birds, as seen by thirteen internationally acclaimed photographers

Albarrán Cabrera (ES)  Roger Ballen (ZA)

Graciela Iturbide (MX)  Leila Jeffreys (AU)  

Rinko Kawauchi (JP)  Michael Kenna (GB)  

Christophe Maout (FR)  Byung-Hun Min (KR)

Yoshinori Mizutani (JP)  Paolo Pellegrin (IT)

Bernard Plossu (FR)  Pentti Sammallahti (FI)

Terri Weifenbach (US)

Location: Landskrona Foto & museum Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday noon-5pm

This exhibition celebrates birdlife, as seen through the eyes of thirteen internationally acclaimed photographers. Their diverse perspectives invite the viewer to explore the sky and the creatures that inhabit it. From urban spaces to exotic far-off lands.

The photographs bear witness to the variety of environments populated by birds and remind us of the threat posed by climate change.

The exhibition is curated by Nathalie Chapuis and Philippe Séclier and based on a series of photo books by Atelier EXB. This is the first time this unique collection of photographs is shown in Sweden.

©Peo Olsson

 ©Leila Jeffreys
 ©Bernard Plossu 

 ©Graciela Iturbide 

 ©Roger Ballen

 ©Albarrán Cabrera

 ©Byung-Hun Min

 ©Christophe Maout

 ©Pentti Sammallahti

©Rinko Kawauchi 

  ©Michael Kenna 

 ©Terri Weifenbach