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Landskrona Foto Dummy Award enables the winner to have his or her book project published by Breadfield Press and Landskrona Foto during 2023. The prize includes all expenses for book production such as design, printing and distribution. The photographer will also receive a large number of books to dispose over and sell. The winner will be invited to Landskrona Foto Festival during the festival opening weekend 2-4 September 2022 to receive the award.

The winner of the Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2020 was Satoshi Tsuchiyama – Heat of Sand

The book will be published by Breadfield Press and Landskrona Foto during 2022.


This is a story that is anything but black and white.

In Heat of Sand there is a feeling of humans reckoning with an existential threat through a physicality that only humans are capable of. It gives the sense that humans must adapt when faced with the complexities of our world; conflict and terror, environmental or political threats. Rather than giving up or escaping in fear, the nature of people is to seek ways to persist and to survive.

About the project:

Heat of Sand

Sand dance. The sun gazing viciously at the sand, and it is the heat coloring all the things. Architectures, street graffiti, the flesh of humans. Ignited and the borders melt. Lines and forms, all are fused together into one. While the cold eyes wander in-between. Heat of Sand is a series of images taken in Israel. At the end of the summer of 2017, I went to the land of Israel for the first time. After subtly yet certainly being exposed to Jewish cultural matters, I became curious about what I don’t see much in mass media, extraordinary in every day, and the movement of dancers influenced by such an environment. I walked among the burning sand, in the crater, the graffiti-filled street, and looked into the trashes in the dark. I entered into the collapsing top floor of the art school. My body followed the desire of eyes. I re-visited three more times to look for something more. Each photograph taken as such is holding the cooler mood that is relatively lower in temperature than of my emotion/passion I felt at the moments. My poetic and post-apocalyptic play with line and shapes became something mixed with my personal fantasy and nostalgia at not close, nor far from the actual journalistic chaos.

About the artist:

Born in Fukuoka, raised in Chiba Japan, Satoshi Tsuchiyama is a visual artist who uses photography, video, and installation. He attended SUNY at Buffalo for B.F.A. and the school at International Center of Photography. Along with the photographic series, he creates videos and works with contemporary dancers for collaboration projects. Currently, Tsuchiyama lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award was arranged for the first time during Landskrona Foto Festival 2015. The award aims to showcase the work of notable artists and designers from around the world and to give them a chance to realise and publish their photobook dummy.

Previous winners:

2015: Meral Güler & Dan Porter, You would be earth.
2016: Duccio Doretti, A lit candle lit the following and other
coincidences on existence.
2017: Gloria Oyarzabal, Picnos Tshombé.
2018: Pietro Paolini, Buscando a Bolívar

Gloria Oyarzabal, winner 2017:

“When I won the Landskrona & Breadfield Dummy Award in 2017 with my project “The Picnolepsy of Tshombé” I could never in my life have imagined the doors that would eventually open before me, the international recognition of my work that I would entail and the push to my professional career that happened after. 

I started working immediately with excellent professionals, and was always very well accompanied during the “polishing” process of the future photobook. My project dealt with a complex and sensitive subject and not only the form but also the content had to be well defined. There were small important details… even the title changed to “Picnos Tshombé”.

From that moment on, the project continued to be exhibited internationally, now with the surety that comes from having won an award with as much recognition as that of Landskrona Foto Festival. Once the book was published and presented in Arles (France) I continued to gain recognition in other photography festivals, reaching with the photobook as far as Latin America! International bookshops and in my country (Spain) specialized in photobooks (or not) were interested in selling my book….. That’s exactly what I wanted!! Having my project going as far as possible and reachable to as many people as possible.

From that moment I gained confidence in my work, producing with firmness, perseverance and activism, leading me to my next project that has been recognized by several awards, including Images Vevey Photobook Award that will allow me to publish my second photobook next year. 

When you decide that your project is susceptible to be extended to book format, the best thing that can happen to you is to produce it by the hand of a good editor, designer, preprinter and print house,… but the best thing is to feel protected by the professionalism, the renown and the solidity of a good prize from a good festival and good publishing house. A luxury!!! 

To be endorsed by the recognition that this prize has given me has launched me into a wide and interesting world, has given me an international “visiting card” and has given me a name.