© Charlotta Hammar

The photofanzine Periferi is a collection by 19 different photographers from Västra Götaland who each presented their projects in their own fanzine during the autumn of 2021. With the Periphery project, the Centre for Photography seeks to focus on the breadth of photographic work to be found in the country. The participating photographers from Västra Götaland are:

Elias Björn, Eva Brandin, Trinidad Carrillo, Jessica Ekström, Anders Engström, Susanne Fagerlund, Bengt-Arne Falk, Charlotta Hammar, Ingmar Jernberg, Carolina Jonsson, Daniel Josefsson, Josef Kováč, Marcus Reistad, Christine Sjöberg, Lea Stuedahl, Oskar Söderman, Tina Umer, Maie Wisur och Hendrik Zeitler.  

During the autumn of 2022, the Periphery project will be carried out in Skåne.

Periphery programme event

In the autumn of 2021, the Centre for Photography ran a photo fanzine project in Västra Götaland. Nineteen photographers each presented their artistic projects in their own fanzine. During the autumn of 2022, the project will be carried out in Skåne with 14 photographers selected following an Open Call in the region. During Landskrona Fotofestival, the Centre for Photography and some of the participants from Västra Götaland will have talks with participants from Periphery Skåne about experiences and expectations of the project.