LOCATION: Rådhustorget. MAP.

Exploring visual historical archives offer glimpses of previous existences. People shopping in the high street, working in industries or walking through the familiar landscape. By looking at the places we see every day, through the lenses of history, we are presented with the possibility to reimagine our surroundings.  

The Artistic Director for Landskrona Foto Festival, Monica Allende, has searched through the photo collection at Landskrona Museums to find glimpses of our past.

The starting point  for the  photographic archive at Landskrona Museum was 166 photographs by Emil Ragnar Borg Mesch. They were deposited at the museum in 1910, the same year that the collection started. Borg Mesch was commissioned by the mayor of the city to document everything essential in Landskrona around 1900. Now the archive contains about 700,000 photographs, a large part of which are negatives from the photographer Anders Hilding. He worked from 1954 to 1992 as a press photographer in Landskrona.

The museum’s oldest photographs are mainly portraits from the latter part of the 19th century. The first decades of the 20th century are fairly well represented, not least through glass plates from the photographers Carl Christersson and Anton Hagman, who focus on architecture. On the museum’s website you can search the photo archive. The museum is happy to receive photos from private albums, showing everyday lives. You do not have to donate the photographs, the museum can borrow and scan them.

The exhibition includes photographs by Emil Ragnar Borg Mesch, Anton Hagman, Frans E Arvidsson, AB Almquist & Cöster, Erik Wilén, Robert H Friberg, Anders Hilding, Sandgren-Petersson, Gotthard Westerblad, GEWE-Foto, Landskrona Museum and a number of unknown.