19.6- 29.8.21 MARTIN BRINK / WALKS

Location Tyghuset, Landskrona Opening hours Thursday – Sunday 12-17 Free entrance

Martin Brink (b 1984) is a photographer and artist based in Helsingborg. He started as a photo assistant and consumed photo and art books, exhibitions and photography on the internet. Since then, he has mostly worked with personal projects and sporadic assignments, especially in the arts. The digital medium has been as central to him as the physical. This has led him to choose to publish a lot of material online, though newsletters, animations and digital books.

About 10 years ago, Martin Brink started the ’Walks’ series. It had become obvious that photography for him, as for many others, was created during the walk. Therefore, he started photographing when he saw a picture take shape in front of him, during walks and in the direction he was walking. It was a way of demarcating himself photographically and an exercise in composition, often by giving up a picture rather than taking one. Over the years his archive has grown and taken various side tracks.   

In his latest series ’Covid Walks’, Martin Brink combines photographs taken during walks with news headlines containing the search term ‘walk’, thus combining two activities that during the pandemic became a life-saver and dominant activity for many people – walking outdoors and online consumption of news and fiction.

Martin Brink the  Claës Lewenhaupts scholar 2020.

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