spring Residency: Vivek Mariappan

In May our spring residency holder, Vivek Mariappan, from the city of Chennai in India,
arrives in Landskrona. His work constantly revolves within the realms of rural landscapes where he searches for overlooked stories.

In the series Rooster Wars he documents roosters that are trained to fight and the men who train them. The Indian government have now officially banned the Sevakattu (Rooster duels) but its is an ongoing activity throughout the state of Tamil Nadu.

Vivek is also drawn to peoples personal spaces. In the series Inner Sanctum, he documents kitchens:

“Growing up in an Indian household, The kitchen is the space where I’ve spent the least of my time when I’m home. Because it’s the one space, I’ve been distinctively told to stay out of, cause it’s deemed for the women of the house. Curiously, I’ve constantly found kitchens to be these intriguing spaces that transport me back home instantly whenever I travel and happen to find myself in a stranger’s house.”

During his residency Vivek wants to explore similar stories:

”I would like to create a map of the town of Landskrona. By identifying singular spaces, I believe I could put the bigger picture of the town in a perspective that’s never been seen before. I’m also interested in connecting and collaborating with Swedish artists who are reinventing the idea of personal space with radical designs of architecture.”