Landskrona Foto and Lunds universitet have formed a collaborative project together under the name of Rädda Bildarvet

Rädda Bildarvet’s main focus is photographic collections in Skåne and its use and interest for the research. Image, visual design, qualitative use and knowledge relating to photographic material play an important role in almost all empiric topics. The project aims at finding a research-based strategy that describes which images should be conserved and how this evaluation can be made. Here, a well-thought-out plan must be conceived in order to know how to develop an inventory of collections and images. In this work, the central role will be to approach questions such as what role the photograph plays for both society and research.

In Sweden, the problems concerning the conservation of the photographic heritage of culture have been topical for a long time, but they are far from being resolved in a satisfactory way.

Riksarkivet and Malmö museer are also included in the collaboration regarding Rädda Bildarvet.

In the frame of the Pufendorfinstitut at Lunds universitet, an Advanced Study Group has started doing photographic research. The leader of the project Rädda Bildarvet is Alison Gerber, who holds postdoc employment at Sociologiska institutionen. The project is economically supported by Region Skåne, LMK-stiftelsen, and Crafoordska stiftelsen.