Twice a year Landskrona Foto Residency welcomes an early to mid-career photographer or artist working with photography and/or lens-based media, who wishes to further and challenge their practice, to Landskrona, to engage in a project related to the city.


The spring residency application closed on 31.1 2021. We received 230 applications from 52 different countries.

We are so happy to announce that Crystal Bennes has been selected as the residency photographer for the Landskrona Spring Residency 2021. The jury, consisting of Vivek Mariappan, Evita Goze, Petra Stenwall-Thompson and Jenny Nordquist are very impressed by Crystals work and her proposal in making an artistic investigation of the artificial island Gipsön located outside Landskrona harbour. We are so much looking forward to her arrival and to see the outcome of her research.

The runners-up are Michael Swann and Joseph Obanubi.

We would like to thank all of you who have applied to be part of our residency program.

Crystal Bennes – George Paxton’s Remarkable Trees of Ayrshire

Crystal Bennes is an American-born artist and writer living and working in Scotland. Her mixed media practice is grounded in long-term projects that foreground archival research, durational fieldwork and material experimentation.

‘I have wanted to create a project about Landskrona’s “plaster island” Gipsön, ever since I first heard of it. The relationship between people, place & geology is an abiding interest and previous projects have explored, for example, the impact of local geology on the built environment of certain cities, or the environmental repercussions of industrial extraction. As an island artificially created by waste that is both industrial & geological, Gipsön presents a unique site for artistic investigation.’ Crystal Bennes


We are so happy to announce that the Canadian photo-based artist Deanna Pizzitelli (b.1987) has been selected as the residency photographer for the Landskrona Autumn Residency 2021.

The residency open call was part of PHmuseum 2021 Photography grant.

Shortlisted Artists are Edgar Martins, Elena Helfrecht, Felix Schöppner, Harit Srikhao, Marta Zgierska, Martina Cirese, Michael Swann, Sarah Mei Herman

We would like to thank all of you who have applied to be part of our residency program.

In her practice Deanna Pizzitelli combine archival images, portraits and darkroom experiments to explore subjects of connection, desire and uncertainty. Her work becomes part archive, part travelogue, part fact and part fiction. By using analogue technologies and blending a variety of processes, papers, scale, she celebrates the diversity of the photographic language.

’The time and space offered at Landskrona will allow me to dive into a new stage of creation. My primary goal—a desire that has emerged over the last six years—is to push my practice to new levels of experimentation. I will undertake an extended portraiture project. In many ways, my entire portfolio can be thought of as a process of extended portraiture, wherein the emotional landscapes of my characters are explored. Sometimes what is expressed is the peculiarities of the subjects themselves, although more often, models lend themselves to larger narratives: desire, uncertainty and a general sense that to live is to navigate incomprehensibility.’ Deanna Pizzitelli


Our residency program is an opportunity for a non-Swedish photographer or artist working with photography and/or lens based media to have time and space away from their usual environment and obligations. The residency takes place for 6 weeks 2021. The residency photographer receives a grant of 15000 SEK (approx. 1500 EUR), travel expenses to and from the home country (economy only), an apartment in Landskrona, and an office space with Landskrona Foto crew. Landskrona Foto connects the photographer in residency with regional-based photographers, artists and other art professionals through meetings, mentoring, exhibition openings and other networking opportunities.


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This project is made possible by financial support from Kultur Skåne