LOCATION: Slottsparken. Slottsvägen. MAP. Included in festival ticket.

Roger Eberhard (born in Switzerland in 1984) has studied photography in the United States and art in Zurich. Today he lives and works in Zurich and Berlin. In his photographic work Eberhard has taken an interest in the places and spaces of our species. In the series Human Territoriality he focuses particularly on the boundaries drawn and dissolved by humans.

Roger Eberhard photo by Daniel Disipio

The photo festival exhibits Eberhard’s photographs in the open air. You stand in Slottsparken, in Landskrona, in Skåne, in Sweden; names of demarcated areas that have not always existed and will not always exist. That is precisely what Eberhard’s series of pictures discusses. Borders are often arbitrary and changeable, but we exist within them and they have a major impact on our lives.

Palm trees and sand in Bangladesh. Ruins in Crimea in Ukraine. A street in Berlin, where the border between East and West once ran. The important thing in the pictures is in a way invisible. Eberhard has “portrayed” boundaries that have been removed. Some of these boundaries have moved slowly over time, due to natural changes in the landscape or human intervention. Others have disappeared when empires have fallen and shifts in political and religious power have drawn new borders. In 2020 Eberhard’s series has become especially relevant, as we are living in a time when we no longer move as easily between places and nations. What Eberhard’s photographs convey, that boundaries can have both good and bad effects, is more noticeable than before.

Nobistor, Germany