sackitey tesa – Refashioned everyday objects

LOCATION: Järnvägsgatan, Landskrona MAP.

Sackitey Tesa. Photo by Jasmine Opare-Darko.

Sackitey Tesa is a photographer and stylist, currently living in Accra, Ghana. As a child he borrowed and played with his father’s old Pentax camera when his father was traveling. When Tesa looked through the camera’s viewfinder, the world became a magical place. Some things became clearer, while others disappeared in the background. The moment that was captured in the photo fascinated him. He went on to study business, but his love of photography drew him to the visual arts. This is his third year as a portrait and fashion photographer. 

Tesa does all the styling himself and has created his own style in fashion photography. His aesthetics are linked to the art tradition Objet trouvé, where everyday objects become works of art. The models in Tesa’s photos are mainly neighbours, family and friends. 

Clothes and supplies are made by Tesa from old leather bags, plastic packaging and various found items. He believes that there is a special force in recycling. 

The landscapes and backgrounds are chosen at random. Tesa integrates the nature and his own surroundings into the pictures. He experiments with the ugly and the beautiful in search of his own unique view on beauty. He always aims to be open to the unconventional. 

“Refashioned Everyday Objects” – Sackitey Tesa