4.3 – 30.4 2023 Studies of Presence – GENTLE Power. Anna Linderstam & Lisa GRIP

Location Landskrona Foto, Tyghuset, Kavallerigatan 4. Opening: 4th of march 14-17 pm.

The perspective is at once intrusive and detached, and the figures tend to close their eyes in response to the unashamedly registering lens of the camera. Hiding in the most intimate darkness of the embrace, as in Lisa Grip’s pictures of people in close relationships. Or moving inwards to reach the core of the emotion, as in Anna Linderstam’s portraits of women under hypnosis.  

It is tenderness, play and pleasure, but also breath so close that it burns, with an underlying threat of violence and danger. As palpable as a knee in the back pressing the body down into the grass. Subtle and insistent as a soft arm simultaneously suffocating and tenderly cradling. Someone carries and someone is carried, someone clings and someone holds on. The motives linger in the ambivalence and the tug-of-war between needs. 

Scenes are exposed and laid bare so that they can be closely scrutinized. Through what is, Anna Linderstam tries to capture what is not. The frozen imprint of movement as opposed to the stillness of death, the presence of life even in the deepest of repose, when consciousness, as long as existence continues, searches for hubs and fixed points. A visual investigation of something that is actually ungraspable: that life can end, relationships break, closeness can become distance.  

With a distinct pressure, the two artists shape reality according to their own will and also relate to each other. The conversation is intimate, and in the interaction between the voices, the questions become deeper and the perspectives become broader. It is a study in closeness, where integrity remains intact. 

Boel Gerell  

Lisa Grip

Anna Linderstam is an artist and photographer, born in Lund in 1978. Her work revolves around transcendence, corporeality and presence. Movement between the tender and the brutal is important. She has worked for a long time with analog photographic techniques, but in recent years has also begun to use three-dimensional forms. Anna Linderstam trained at the School of Photography in Gothenburg, the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, England, and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Alongside her artistic work, Linderstam teaches at various art schools and universities and has been affiliated with institutions in Sweden, Canada and England. 

Lisa Grip is an artist and photographer, born in Stockholm in 1988. She works with photography and silent moving images and uses and explores a number of different analog processes. With the help of her camera, she investigates close and intimate relationships and power relations in them. Her work highlights the dynamic between attraction and repulsion and our ability to be close and violent at the same time. Lisa Grip is the recipient of this year’s Claës Lewenhaupt scholarship.She trained at Valand Academy in Gothenburg and Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design) in Stockholm, where she took her master’s degree in art in 2019.