The submitted entries for this year’s edition of the Swedish Photo Book Prize are shown in a touring exhibition at Landskrona Foto September 28 – October 12, 2019.

Many photo books are made in Sweden. Recently, more and more photographers have chosen to make books instead of exhibitions. In close cooperation with the Swedish Photographers’ Association, we are therefore showing this year’s photo book prize exhibition.

The Swedish Photo Book Prize has been awarded annually since its inception in 1996 by the Photographic Authors within the Swedish Photographers’ Association. More than 80 photo books where submitted for this year’s edition. Some published by established publishers, both Swedish and foreign, and others published by the photographer themselves on their own publishing house. Regardless of the form of publication, the submissions show that many photographers choose the book as a format when they want to tell their story and present their pictures.

Landskrona Foto believes strongly in the photo book as a culture bearer and both the Photo Book Days during the Landskrona Foto Festival and the construction of a photo library is an important part of our work.

Our goal is that the photo book becomes more visible in the media, reviewed and discussed. That photo book authors receive the same status as literature authors. That new book publications are mentioned and purchased by libraries for lending to a greater extent than today. The ability to analyse images increases in the common man.

The books in the exhibition are not for home loans, but in several cases the books are in the Landskrona public library’s range and can be reserved.

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