Our talks program is preliminary. All talks are in english unless other language is specified.


12.00-22.00 The exhibitions are open

19.00-20.00 OPENING (KONSTHALLEN) of Landskrona Foto Festival 2022.

20.30-21.00 BOOK RELEASE (EXERCISHALLEN) 2020 yearsDummy Award winner Satoshi Tsuchiyama book Heat of Sand.

21.00-22.00 LIVE MUSIK LYMLAND (EXERCISHALLEN) Read more här

11.00-22.00 Thimans Popup vine bar (EXERCISHALLEN).


11.00-20.00 The exhibitions are open.

11.00-23.00 Thimans Popup vine bar (EXERCISHALLEN).

11.15-11.45 ARTIST TALK (RÅDHUSET). The festival artistic director Monica Allende in conversation with Lina Geoushy. Read more here.

11.15-12.00 BOOK TALK (EXERCISHALLEN): field; scope; site – a photographic exploration of Landskrona Idrottshall. Also live on facebook.

Welcome to a conversation between Emma Nilsson, Gunnar Sandin, and Matilda Plöjel about the book field; scope; site . The most straightforward way to introduce the collective work of field; scope; site would be to call it a photographic documentation of Landskrona Idrottshall, a building designed by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen in the sixties. Albeit correct, it is a somewhat misleading characterization. Landskrona Idrottshall is indeed the object of study, but above all, it constitutes here an objective to conduct a series of investigations, where photography is explored as a method for architectural thinking and making.

Initially produced and displayed as an exhibition, the photographic work and accompanying writings have since been transformed into this book. Similar to the original photographic acts not aiming to depict a particular building, the book is not a documentation of an exhibition. Rather, the exhibited work has been reinterpreted into the spatial logic of the book. To make such a translation the architect Emma Nilsson turn to Sailor Press.

Emma Nilsson architect, professor in architecture and rector at Bergen Arkitekthøgskole. Matilda Plöjel, founder of Sailor Press. Gunnar Sandin, artist and researcher, professor in Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University. 

12.15-12.45 ARTIST TALK (EXERCISHALLEN) Gloria Oyarzabal talk about her exhibition Usus Fructus Abusus. Read more here. Also live on facebook.

13.00-13.45 BOKSAMTAL (EXERCISHALLEN) SFF Programpunkt XYZ Books, FW BOOKS in conversation with Matilda Plöjel. Also live on facebook.

Annika Legdinzs presenterar:: Två förläggare presenterar var sin fotobok som de inspirerats av och som de önskar att de själva hade publicerat. Vad gör just denna publikation speciell? Hade de gjort något annorlunda om de själva varit förläggare för böckerna? Matilda Plöjel från Sailor Press samtalar med Pedro Guimaraes och Tiago Casanova från XYZ Books och Hans från FW Books om den fotografiska litteraturens alla komplexa beståndsdelar. 

I samarbete med Fotoförfattarna Svenska fotografers förbund. 

14.00-14.30 ARTIST TALK (EXERCISHALLEN) Marta Bogdańska talks about her exhibition and book Shifters. Read more here. Also live on facebook.

14.45-15.30 SEMINARIESERIE BILD <=> TEXT (EXERCISHALLEN). Also live on facebook.

BILD <=> TEXT is a series of seminars arranged by the Film, Photography and Literary Composition Unit at HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg. The series aims to examine the myriad connections that occur between text and image, for example in artists’ books, films, narrative photography, material poetry or ekphrases.  

For this session of the BILD <=> TEXT seminar we have asked curator Jenny Lindhe to choose a work that is shown at the festival as a starting point for our conversation. The work she chose was Shame Less by the Egyptian photographer Lina Geoushy. Proceeding from our respective subjects, we will together contribute to a broader and deeper understanding of how text and images function in the complex themes that Geoushy deals with in her work. Panellists will be Anna Strand, Maja Daniels, Elisabeth Hjorth and Niclas Östlind. 

12.30-13.30 WALK & TALK (OUTDOORS) The festival artistic director Monica Allende in conversation with Chow & Lin and Clare Hewitt. Talk with the artists by their outdoor exhibitions. Meet up outside entrance to Landskrona Foto.

15.45-16.30 ARTIST TALK (EXERCISHALLEN) Linnea Frandsen (DK) present the publications Atla on Paper and invite the artists Hjördís Eyþórsdóttir (IS), Alexandra Lige (SE) and Matilde Søes Rasmussen (DK) on stage for a talk about their work and artistic practice.  Also live on facebook.

15.00- 15.30 ARTIST TALK (KONSTHALLEN) The festival artistic director Monica Allende in conversation with Constanza Walderrama. Read more here.

15.30- 16.00 ARTIST TALK (KONSTHALLEN) The festival artistic director Monica Allende in conversation with Imran Kokiloo. Read more here.

16.00- 16.30 ARTIST TALK (KONSTHALLEN) The festival artistic director Monica Allende in conversation with Imane Djamil. Read more here.

16.45.-17.15 PRESENTATION (EXERCISHALLEN) Jenny Nordquist present this year Claës Lewenhaupt scholar Lisa Grip. Followed by a talk by Lisa Grip. Also live on facebook.

17.30-18.00 PRESENTATION (EXERCISHALLEN) This year Dummy Award winner Róisín White is presented by Jenny Lindhe and Gloria Oyarzabal. Followed by a talk by Róisín White. Read more here. Also live on facebook.

18.00-20.00 PECHA KUCHA (EXERCISHALLEN)  Speed presentations with twelve photographers presenting their latest photo book projects. Read more here.

Henry Arvidsson – Hillevi Nagel – Fabian Hammerl – Clare Hewitt – Alexander Martemianov – Louise Bøgelund Saugmann – Annika Legzdins – Lisbeth Johansen – Josefine Forsberg – Xenia Nikolskaya

20.00-23.00 DJ (EXERCISHALLEN) Anna Storåkers


11.00-17.00 The exhibitions are open.

11.00- 11.45 ARTIST TALK (CITADELLET) Tina Enghoff and Kamille Nygård talk about their exhibition in the prison at Citadellet. Read more here.

11.15- 12.00 ARTIST TALK (MUSEET)The festival artistic director Monica Allende in conversation with Haley Morris- Cafiero. Read more here.

11.15-11.45 DIALOG (EXERCISHALLEN) BLACKBOOK PUBLICATIONS. Read more here. Also live on facebook.

11.50-13.20 PANEL DISCUSSION (EXERCISHALLEN) Research with Photography. A presentation of two current artistic research projects based on photography. Also live on facebook.

Conversation between Cecilia Järdemar, Björn Larsson and Carl Johan Eriksson about challenges and conditions in artistic research. Arranged by CFF Centrum för fotografi.

12.30-13.30 WALK & TALK (OUTDOORS) The festival artistic director Monica Allende in conversation with Philip Blenkinsop next to his outdoor exhibition. Meet up outside entrance to Landskrona Konsthall.

13.30 -14.00 PRESENTATION (EXERCISHALLEN) Curator Rodrigo Orrantia presents the artists participating in the exhibition The State of Things. Read more here. Also live on facebook.

14.10-14.40 ARTIST TALK (EXERCISHALLEN) 2020 Dummy Award winner Satoshi Tsuchiyama in conversation with Charlotte Dossche. Read more here. Also live on facebook.

14.45-15.15 SAMTAL (EXERCISHALLEN) Periferi – Centrum för fotografi. Read more here. Also live on facebook.

In the autumn of 2021, the Centre for Photography ran a photo fanzine project in Västra Götaland. Nineteen photographers each presented their artistic projects in their own fanzine. During the autumn of 2022, the project will be carried out in Skåne with 14 photographers selected following an Open Call in the region. During Landskrona Fotofestival, the Centre for Photography and some of the participants from Västra Götaland will have talks with participants from Periphery Skåne about experiences and expectations of the project.  Arranged by CFF Centre for Photography.

15.00- 15.30 ARTIST TALK (CITADELLET) The festival artistic director Monica Allende in conversation with Billy H C Kwok. Read more here.

15.20-15.50 ARTIST TALK (EXERCISHALLEN) Crystal Bennes talk about her exhibition No island is an island. Read more here. Also live on facebook.

15.55-16.25 CONVERSATION (EXERCISHALLEN) Anthony Luvera in conversation sociologist Christopher Mathieu from Lunds university about his exhibition Agency. Read more here. Also live on facebook.

16.15- 17.00 PRESENTATION (Sofia Albertina Church) The festival artistic director Monica Allende presents Carolina Agüero’s work. Read more here.

16.30- 17.00 PRESENTATION (EXERCISHALLEN) boksamlandets glädjeämnen och vedermödor, en presentation av fotobokssamlare Tomas Eriksson (PÅ SVENSKA)


14.00-14.30 ARTIST TALK ( Café Nell Walden, MUSEET) Linda Unnhem from CFF Centre for Photography. in conversation with Fanny Beckman about her exhibition Take back the streets. Reda more here.