© Sunniva Hestenes

A collection of photobooks is presented here, created in autumn 2021 by students on the Bachelor’s Programme in Artistic Photography 2020–2023 at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg. Some of the books are a tribute to a place or a relationship, or an exploration of a relationship that never came to be. Others deal with physical and mental disabilities, examples of grief, moving on or staying put. Occasionally we glimpse a longing for a state that is not human, or an attempt to visualize what happens when the human leaves the being – when memories are gradually erased by uncompromising biological processes.


Nadja Brečević: Symbios 

Renée Allison: FALNA 

Hilda Randulv: Limbo 

Felicia Engstrøm: Under Overfladen (Thoughts of Water) 

Kristina Aurora: “Let me sleep like a Rock; let me change like a Stone” 

Henrik Wejfeldt: Umarell 

Robin Iborn: Blommar 

Liis Ring: Senseless Worlds 

Thea Josefin Cedervall: Sense of self 

Nilo Paknia: ”Årsdagbok 2018” 

Milla Flyger: Vi håller hand nu 

Sunniva Hestenes: To shed a tear for someone undeserving 

Émilie Vesvre: Må ditt hjärta slå i samma takt som hennes 

Adrian Christensen: Lerberget 198X, 199X & 2021