Yim Sui Fong – The Man Who Attends to the Times

LOCATION: Landskrona konsthall. Slottsgatan. MAP. Included in festival ticket.

Yim Sui Fong lives and works in Hong Kong. She is part of the city’s art scene, activists involved in Hong Kong’s quest for freedom. Freedom from both China and the colonial past. The work The Man Who Attends to the Times is Sui Fong’s homage to her father and others like him. For 29 years (1971–2000), Sui Fong’s father was caretaker at a warehouse that supplied the government with material. At times, the employees lived on the site (1938–1998) and slept there. Every day Sui Fong’s father walked the same route at a certain time. Sui Fong walks the same way, at the same time, and photographs the passers-by. The work is ongoing.

The work is divided into two parts. The first consists of Sui Fong’s investigation and documentation of her father’s years as caretaker. She has done research and interviewed people. From these warehouse premises with their dormitories and former employees, she has assembled photographs and documents. In the second part of the work, Sui Fong has assumed her father’s role as timekeeper and created new material from the same place. During her father’s time the warehouse was located in a peripheral part of the city. Today this is the home of Oi! (Oil Street Art Space), where the Hong Kong government markets visual art and provides a platform for exhibitions.

The Man Who Attends to the Times is told through new and old pictures, through text, videos and installations. The work contains the past and the present, and tells of differences in the zeitgeist. Her work is a low-key testimony to her father and his life. It is also evidence of transformation. Sui Fong’s life is different from her father’s, just as the place in which they live has changed.

Yim Sui Fong