LOCATION: Landskrona Foto, Tyghuset. MAP. Included in the festival ticket.

Zora J Murff / Courtesy of Webber Gallery

I’m only ever speaking for myself. I’m not trying to speak for all Black artists, all Black people, or saying that my experience of Blackness is the only experience of Blackness, you dig? I’m just saying I’m a person who lives in the United States, a racialized society. In that society, I am categorized as Black and it comes with a lot of baggage. Let’s talk about it.

Zora J Murff explores white supremacy and its impact on the lives of Black people in the USA, including his own. Using previous experience in psychology and social work, along with a nuanced visual language that combines photography with sculptures, collages and autobiographical narratives, he confronts America’s uncomfortable relationship with power, privilege, violence and race, and examines the complicity of the photographic medium in this whole dubious spectacle.

Zora J Murff

Zora J Murff, born in 1987, is based in Arkansas where he teaches at the Fayetteville State University. In 2020, he was selected as one of eight artists for the Museum of Modern Arts’ series “New Photography, Companion Pieces”. When Bold as Brass (or, Third Year Review) was exhibited in New York at the start of the year, Aperture released his much-discussed photobook True Colors (or, Affirmations in a Crisis).

Zora J Murff, Intersection, 2019 / Courtesy of Webber Gallery