Landskrona Foto Online portfolio review

The Landskrona Foto Portfolio Review is going online in a new collaboration with Portfolio Dialogue.

When the 7th edition of Landskrona Foto Festival opens in September, our portfolio review will not be carried out in the traditional physical way as in previous years. Instead we will connect photographers and reviewers from all over the world in an online portfolio review. This is due to a new collaboration between Landskrona Foto and the Portfolio Dialogue platform.

The dates for the online portfolio review is 10-20 of September and information about our team of experts, how to book and prices will soon be online at the Portfolio Dialogue website.

Established in 2015, Portfolio Dialogue is a web-based initiative that offers visual artists a unique opportunity to present their work online to influential and dedicated curators, museum directors, publishers, artistic directors, magazine editors and fellow artists across the globe.

By offering an online platform for professional portfolio reviews and mentoring, Portfolio Dialogue aims to shorten the distance between artists and experts and make portfolio reviews readily available for artists who are pursuing an international career.