PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform

Landskrona Foto is delighted to take part in the four-year Parallel European Photo Based Platform project.

Parallel is a platform that brings together creative European organizations committed to promoting cross-cultural exchanges and mentorships in order to set new standards in contemporary photography. Members include museums, galleries, cultural centres, festivals, art schools, and publishers – 18  vibrant European cultural hubs, from 16 countries, that will participate in selecting and hosting emerging artists and curators, organizing exhibitions and promoting artistic networking.

The large and diverse nature of this network ensures a wide geographical spread and a fertile ground for fostering new dialogues, sparking fresh ideas and helping to boost creativity.

The work process is implemented as a two-phase process: Creative Guidance: selection, tutoring, peer learning and curatorship for emergent creators; Exhibition Platform: a wide exhibition network engaging exhibitors, universities and art schools.

The Platform is designed and led by and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Landskrona Foto also has support from Kulturrådet.

The Parallel Intersection is the closing exhibition of the 3rd cycle artists in the the four-year Parallel European Photo Based Platform project.

Under (De)construction, 4-20 September 2020.

Anka Gregorczyk | Anna Siggelkow | Carola Lampe | Caroline Kolkman | Cian Burke | David Barreiro | Diego Ballestrasse | Domonkos Varga | Elsa Gregersdotter | George Selley | Georgs Avetisjans | Gustavo Balbela | Indrė Urbonaitė | Joachim Bøgedal | Johanna Karjalainen | Jordi Barreras | Joshua Tarplin | Jošt Dolinšek | Margherita Muriti | Negar Yaghmaian | Sara Perovic | Sara Wu | Shelli Weiler | Søren Lilholt | Theo Ellison | Vitaliy Galanzha | Yushi Li | Yuxin Jiang

Just as the prefix de- denotes removal or reversal, the artists in this exhibition investigate the nature of the photographic medium by taking it apart. Ultimately it is existence itself that is analysed and transformed into new structures, shapes and ideas.

In Indrė Urbonaitė’s (LT) work “Don’t Speak Loudly – It’s Harmful for Butterflies” we get to follow a digitally constructed hike in the countryside. Along the way we consume the image of nature more than the place itself, while we are simultaneously guided by disappointed voices sampled from online reviews: … what is the point of this place? The lack of butterflies is a great disappointment, or they are there but not in the way that you probably imagined…”

Where Indrė is interested in people’s idea of utopian nature, Elsa Gregersdotter (SE) questions the image of the family with a capital F. In the series “I Look at this Tree and Think of Myself”, the camera is a doll’s house where Elsa dresses her family members in new “costumes”. In her “play” with the family, she tries out different family constellations and confronts our perceptions of ourselves.

Although Under (De)construction presents works by 28 artists, all of them working with different forms of artistic expression, one can discern a common method: to go beyond “the photographic framework” itself. Perhaps one can see this as a search for other structures to relate to, at a time when we are approaching the end of the world as we know it.

The exhibition is curated by Jenny Lindhe.

The Parallel members:  Lisboa, Portugal (Project Leader)

Robert Capa Contemporary Center  Budapest, Hungary

Le Château d’Eau  Toulouse, France

Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, Italy

Format International Photography Festival – Derby Quad  Derby, UK

FotoFestiwal – Foundation of Visual Education  Lodz, Poland

Galleri Image  Aarhus, Denmark

ISSP  Riga, Latvia

Katalog – Journal of Photography & Video  Kerteminde, Denmark

Landskrona Foto  Landskrona, Sweden

Kaunas Photography Gallery  Kaunas, Lithuania

UGM – Maribor Art Gallery  Maribor, Slovenia

The Finnish Museum of Photography  Helsinki, Finland

Organ Vida  Zagreb, Croatia

Photoireland  Dublin, Ireland

YET Magazine Lausanne, Switzerland

Odessa Photo Days  Odessa, Ukrain

Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum  Tiblisi, Georgia