Sooner or later most photographic works end up in a photo book. We strongly believe in the photobook as a cultural bearer and the ongoing collection displayed in our photo library is an important part of our work.
In our library of reference and research, it is possible to browse through a great variety of publications, from rarities – such as the first Swedish handbook of photography from 1864 – up until the very latest in the world of photo books.

Per Hemmingsson Collection.

In 2018 we acquired Per Hemmingssons [1937-2017] private collection of photographic literature. It is one of the finest and most extensive private collections of photographic literature in Scandinavia, covering the birth and development of photography from the 1840s to present day.

Per Hemmingsson was a photo historian, critic, and author. In 1971, Per Hemmingsson was instrumental in the process of establishing a photographic museum – as an independent division of the Museum of Modern Art – in Stockholm. His expert opinion was respected and most helpful to museums, auction houses, antiquarian booksellers, and a new generation of Scandinavian photo historians. Hemmingssons working library consists of some 2000 books and pamphlets, not counting periodicals. It covers and reflects subjects such as: Photography Collections and Museums, the Anatomy of the Picture Book, Optics and Books About Seeing, Art and Photography, Still Life and Figure studies, Style and Fashion, Interiors, Cities and Urban Encounters, Landscapes, War and Disaster, Everyday Life and Social Documentation, Portraits, etc.

Our growing collection of books is housed in a beautiful room next to the exhibition hall. Out of 4000, there are currently around 1000 books on display.