The Photobook Days are an important part of Landskrona Foto Festival. This year they will be held at The Exercise Hall.There will be a large photobook fair with both Swedish and international publishers represented and photobook themed exhibitions will be shown.  

Breadfield /Omfotoboken/Landskrona Foto



The Paris Photo- Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards

Svenska Fotobokspriset 2017

Nordic Dummy Award 2017

Landskrona Foto Dummy Award. Finalister 2017

Sailing the seven seas / Sailor Press


Place: The Exercise Hall

Photo Book Market open: 12:00 – 22:00


Bemojake (UK)

Sailor Press (SE)

Art & Theory (SE)

Blackbook Publications (SE)

Breadfield Press (SE)

Landskrona Foto Publishing (SE)


Witty Kiwi (IT)

Neva Books (SE)

Nobody Books (UK)

Trema Förlag (SE)

Various Artists Table: Sanne De Wilde, Poike Stomps, Karoline Hjorth, Riitta Ikonen och Jerker Andersson



Book release of Duccio Doretti’s ”A lit candle lit the following and other coincidences on existence”, the winner of the Landskrona Foto and Breadfield Dummy Award 2016. In English. Music by Cecilia Nordlund and Lotta Wenglén. Landskrona Art Gallery.



Place: The Exercise Hall

Photo Book Market open: 10:00 – 20:00

Publisher talk. The Swedish Association of Professional Photographers present Bemojake (UK), Witty Kiwi (IT), and Sailor Press (SE). In English. The Exercise Hall.

10:45 – 11.30

Publisher talks. The Center for Photography presents a talk with Cecilia Grönberg/OEI, Simon Berg and Lotta Törnroth/Blackbook Publications. In English.
The Exercise Hall.

11.30 -12.00

The winner of the Nordic Dummy Award 2017 is presented. With Stephanie von Speter, Oslo Photo Gallery. Annika von Hausswolff presents the winner. In English. The Exercise Hall.


Daniel Boetker Smith from Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive. In English. The Exercise Hall

13.00 -15.00

Landskrona Foto Open Book Dummy Review. Four nominated photographers will show their works, followed by a panel discussion with Sara Arvidson (art critic), Stephen Gill (photographer, Nobody books), Maxwell Anderson (publisher and photographer, Bemojake). Ends with the presentation of the winner of this year’s Landskrona Foto Dummy Award. Moderator: Lars Mogensen. In English. The Exercise Hall.

15.00 -15.15

Prisutdelning Landskrona Foto Dummy Award


Nina Grundemark (Landskrona Foto)

Moritz Neumuller (curator)

Anna Fox (fotograf)

Jenny Lindhe (Breadfield)

Matilda Plöjel (formgivare/förläggare Sailor Press)

15.30 – 16.30  

Book release of an anthology with four students from the masters programme at Akademin Valand.
Conversation between Annika Von Hausswolff, Kalle Sanner and the artists. In English. The Exercise Hall.

16.30 – 17.30 

Photo book signing with Mandy Barker, Stephen Gill, Simon Berg and more. The Exercise Hall.

18.30 – 19.30 Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha. Ten photographers – ten presentations.
In English. The Exercise Hall.


Håkan Granath

Leif Sandberg

Jenny Rova

Kuba Rose

Simon Johansson

Lotta Törnroth

Jerker Andersson

Karoline Hjorth och Riitta Ikonen

Nils Bergendal

Christina Leithe Hansen


Sunday 10/9

Place: The Exercise Hall

Photo Book Market open: 10:00 – 18:00

Artist talk with photographer Stephen Gill about his new project “Night Procession”. In English. The Exercise Hall.