3rd of June at 1-2pm Artist Talk by British artist CRAIG AMES

Location: The cinema, Landskrona Foto, Kavallerigatan 4 Time: 3/6 at 1-2pm

Craig Ames is a British artist whose work explores contested spaces, expanded forms of evidence, simulation, and artificial intelligence imaging.  Encompassing these interconnected themes, he has a diverse practice and works with a range of media, including photography, AI imaging, text, and sourced, online material.  

His interest in photography began when he trained to become an evidence photographer whilst serving as a combat soldier in the British Army.  These initial experiences served to develop his long-term fascination with the medium of photography.  More recently, his focus has shifted to exploring his interest in artificial intelligence and the monumental technical advancements and growing ethical concerns we are currently witnessing with the mainstream adoption of contemporary AI imaging algorithms. 

He is currently exhibiting his project Photographs of British Algea- AI impressions, 2022 in Landskrona and at Copenhagen Photo Festival