What’s it like to publish books about photography, and what drives people to enter this unique world of texts and images, books and graphic design… together?

Join filmmaker and photographer Nils Bergendal on a trip to the homes of four Scanian photo book publishers: Johansson & Jansson, Null & Void Books, Breadfield Press, and Sailor Press. We peek into their inspiring bookshelves and offices, and listen to their thoughts on the importance of the photo book today, and how it can be made more available in libraries, museums, and other contexts.

Del 1: Johansson & Jansson

In Höganäs we meet Gerry Johansson, the personification of classic black-and-white photography. In the course of his artistic career, he has consistently photographed cities and landscapes. Gerry Johansson talks about his publishing firm, Johansson & Jansson, which primarily publishes his own works, but has also collaborated with GunGallery, MACKbooks in London, and Only Photography in Berlin, among others. Part 1 of 4.

Del 2: Null & Void Books

We go to Lund and meet Peo Olsson, who runs Null & Void Books since 2014. They publish books on contemporary phenomena in art and culture. The publication focuses on projects done in close collaboration with artists, writers and designers. Published material creates the basis for a long-term platform for work with book projects presented in specific contexts. Part 2 of 4.

Del 3: Breadfield Press

We meet Tony Kristensson and Jenny Lindhe (and the terrier Krut) at Breadfield Press in Malmö. We visit their creative studio on Föreningsgatan, which also serves as a meeting place for photography and frame workshop. These publishers are driven by an urge to understand photographers’ motivation and the processes behind their projects, photo books and exhibitions. Breadfield Press has published several magazines and books, including the annual Landskrona Foto book prize and the Breadfield Dummy Award. Part 3 of 4.

Del 4: Sailor Press

We visit book designer Matilda Plöjel, who founded and runs Sailor Press from her studio in Malmö. Matilda talks about how she wants to explore the intersection between art and graphic design. In close collaboration with the artists, she produces publications that examine the artist’s work and the book as a medium. Part 4 of 4.

The film series is part of the project Photobook, cultural support, lectures and workshops. A collaboration between Landskrona library, Landskrona museum, Landskrona Foto and Fotoförfattarna/SFF. With support from Region Skåne.

The films are produced by Nils Bergendal.