19.11.2020 – 6.3.2021 EXHIBITION:field; scope; site

LOCATION: Landskrona Foto Gallery, Kavallerigatan 4, Landskrona. The exhibition is temporarily closed to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

field; scope; site is a photographic exhibition about a specific place: Landskrona Gymnasium designed by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. It is also an exhibition of a specific way of looking at places and buildings, the one prevalent within architecture photography and its typical choice of motif, framing, delimitation, and focus. The exhibition challenges this view and its tendency to silence other – and other’s – renditions of architecture and photography in relation to the existing and the imaginable. By envisioning the gymnasium through other photographic viewpoints, alternative narratives of the specific architecture and its meanings emerges that expand the notion of what architecture photography can do and how it can be generated.

The exhibition is part of the artistic research project TELE SCOPE, a project that aims to explore, transform, and strengthen architecture photography’s argumentative status and its ability to interpret architectural meanings and create new ones. The project is led by Emma Nilsson, architect and researcher active at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University, and is funded by the Swedish Research Council. The exhibition is curated by Emma Nilsson and produced together with photographer Stefano Graziani whom beside his own artistic practice teaches at ISIA di Urbino, Naba Milano and IUAV, landscape architect Sabina Jallow, PhD student at the Department of Urban Studies, architect Sandra Kopljar and archaeologist Björn Nilsson both active as researchers at Lund University, and Matilda Plöjel graphic designer and founder of Sailor Press; and Adriana Seserin, architect with her own artistic practice.