In relation to the current exhibition with Kent Klich we will in our cinema on the 5th of november screen four of his films. The screening last for 50 minutes and will start at each hour between 18-22.

Beth’s Diary (2006) 30 min

Made in cooperation with Beth, a Danish sex worker whose life Kent Klich has chronicled over the past thirty years, resulting in three books and several exhibitions.The film is included in the book Picture imperfect (2007), one out of three books about the life of Beth. The other books in the trilogy are The Book of Beth (1988) and Where I am now (2012).

The Greenhouse (2015) In collaboration with Dror Feiler. 4 min 12 sek

In the early hours of January 9, 2009, an antitank missile was fired at the Salha family home in Beit Lahiya, Northern Gaza. Its hollow charge penetrated the roof, entered one of the rooms, and impacted the floor leaving a small hole. Three minutes later a bomb struck and destroyed the house. The mother of the Salha family, Randa, 35 years and her children Diya´, 14, male, Rana, 12, female, Baha´Eldien, 5, male and Rola, 2, female, were killed together with the sister of Randa Salha, Fatma Fayez El Haw, 22. Fayez Salha, the father of the family had to move with the surviving family member to an apartment nearby. Where their old home stood, he built a greenhouse.

The Horse (2016–17) From the series “GZA”. In collaboration with Dror Feiler. 2 min 2 sek

GZA opened in 1998, Gaza International Airport was bombed and closed in 2000 on orders by the Israeli government. GZA explores the site as a shattered dream of unfettered mobility. The video The Horse was shot in the dusty field that used to be the runway. According to a Bedouin legend, Allah created the horse from the wind, granting it the ability to fly without wings. In the video work, the horse moves across the screens, recalling Eadweard Muybridge`s iconic photographic experiments of the 1870s. In Muybridge`s stop motion studies – entitled Animal Locomotion – documented how all four of a horse`s hooves leave the ground when it gallops, so it actually does – albeit momentarily – fly.

Killing Time (2011)Video installation. In collaboration with Anders Refn. 12 min

The title refers to the act of waiting – a common state for people in occupied areas or surrounded by blockades. It also points to the imminent death of the individuals portrayed in the mobile phone images and videos, which were taken by people living in Gaza and given to Kent Klich by surviving family members. One of them was the lawyer Gareeb Abed, who filmed himself with his mobile phone, waiting. He was killed while working at police headquarters in Rafah on 27 December 2008, the first day of the Israeli offensive Operation Cast Lead.

Kent Klich was born in Sweden in 1952, and currently lives in Denmark. He studied psychology at the University of Gothenburg and photography at the International Center of Photography in New York. He joined the photo agency Magnum Photos in 1998 until 2002. Kent Klich has received international recognition with his project about Beth, a Danish sex worker whose life he has chronicled over the past thirty years, resulting in three books and several exhibitions. Other acclaimed projects include El Niño (1999), Children of Ceausescu (2001), and Gaza Works a series about the Gaza Strip, with the aim of offering alternative images to the mass media’s short-lived, usually sensational coverage – and simultaneously spreading knowledge about injustices and violations of human right in the region. Gaza Works was exhibited at The Hasselblad Foundation in 2017 and The National Museum of Photography, The Royal Danish Library in 2018.