Date: 19/12 2019. Time: kl 12-17 Location: Tyghuset, Kavallerigatan 4, Landskrona

Mária Júdová guided visitors through her showcase virtual reality experience, exploring shamanism as a way to reimagine our current society. The VR experience reflects on the loss of a sense of community and empathy, as well as a lack of concerns for others. It takes ancient culture and civilization, ritualistic and folkloric practices as inspiration, to re-examine them, and look at them as a way for us to move forward.

The purpose of the ancient shamans’ mask was to communicate with ancestral spirits, celestial supernatural forces as they became a representation of unity between men, ancestors, and animals. The shamans could speak the truth without fear.

The visitors wearing a VR mask had a chance to look into a hidden realm through the eyes of a shaman and interact with these forces, awakening a part of them they had forgotten.

Mária Júdová is a Prague-based independent visual artist. 

With a background in working with lens-based media (photography and video), in recent years she has become particularly interested in images created with the help of digital technology (computer-generated imagery, photogrammetry etc).

Her current work spans from (interactive) installations and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences to audio-visual performances. She received her BA in Digital Media at the Academy of Arts (SK) and M.A. at the Center for Audiovisual Studies (CZ). She has worked with renowned groups such as Choreographic Coding Lab (DE), Rambert Contemporary Dance Company in London (UK) and Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (JP).

Her works have been presented worldwide – Sonar Hong Kong (CHN), Laboratorio Arte Alameda (MX), Japan Media Arts Festival (JP), Immersive Expressions of Siggraph (NY), Athens Digital Arts Festival (GR), Sensorium (SK), Berlin Atonal (DE) amongst many others.

She has also received awards from Japan Media Arts Festival (JP), B3 Biennale (DE), Nexon Computer Museum (Korea) and Zealous (UK). http://mariajudova.net/