In conjunction with the ongoing exhibition Pierre Bourdieu in Algeria. Testimonies of Uprooting, five evening TALKS are arranged, starting on April 11.

As a starting point from the different themes found in Pierre Bourdieu’s exhibition we have invited speakers who will narrate, philosophize and talk. The TALKS starts at 18.00 where the invited guests will have a conversation about the current subject and after that there will be time for questions and discussions.



Claes JB Löfgren, journalist SvT
Anna Hedlund, Scientist in Anthropology, Lunds University
Moderator: Håkan Silverup, PhD in Sociology, Lunds University

Anna Hedlund is a scientist of anthropology at the Institute of Sociology at Lunds Universitet and her research refers to themes of war and violence. Anna has done field work far away in eastern DR of Congo in order to ethnographically depict how the groups of rebels and “perpetrators” look at their life situations, what motivates violence at war and the ideological motivations. Anna works currently on a research project funded by Forte about crime, and she is working with violence and crime prevention in Malmö.

Claes JB Löfgren is a journalist since 1980 and during the last 25 years he has been working as a foreign correspondent at the News programmes of Rapport, Aktuellt and during the last few years also in the programme called Korrespondenterna. Claes has above all travelled in the Middle East, Africa, and USA and in recent years in a part of Asia. He also worked as a correspondent for SVT in Russia 2009-2010.


Camilla Sjöstrand och Robert Karlsson, Developer, the Culture Department Region Skåne
Magnus Karlsson, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Lunds University
Moderator: Chris Mathieu, Associate Professor of Sociology, Lunds University


Mikael Holmqvist, Professor of Business, Stockholms University
Anita Göransson, Professor emeritus of Women’s history, Göteborgs och Linköpings University
Moderator: Christofer Edling, Professor of Sociology, Lunds University

Mikael Holmqvist


Anette Sarnäs, Archivist, Malmö City Archive
Erika Larsson, post-doctor at Akademin Valand, University of Gothenburg
Moderator: Alison Gerber, post-doctor of Sociology, Lunds University

A SCHOOL IN CRISIS? 15.5 (observera onsdag)

Magnus Persson, Assistant Professor, Lärande och samhälle (Learning and Society), Malmö University
Lisbeth Gyllander Torkildsen, Manager of Science and development, Educational Department , Landskrona stad
Elisavet Tziampazis, Regional manager, Stiftelsen Läxhjälpen
Moderator: Barbara Schulte, Associate Professor in Pedagogy, Lunds University

Magnus Persson, Ph.D. in Sociology, an educated and experienced secondary teacher and nowadays a lecturer at Malmö universitet. He has been doing research on finding out which social conditions affect the teacher students ability to implement a teachers education and is currently dedicated to a research project that is examining how teachers are navigating on an increasingly market exposed school market.