the Claës Lewenhaupt Scholarship

Claës Lewenhaupt’s scholarship fund for young photographers was funded after Claës death in 1990. The intention of the foundation is to promote young photographers possibility to develop or fulfil a photographic idea through a yearly distribution.

The foundation has its residence in Landskrona and the board for the time being consists of Tonie Lewenhaupt, Gerry Johansson, Janne Jönsson and Göran Nyström.

Up until 2018 the scholarship has been distributed 19 times. Lisa Brink is the scholar in 2022. Every scholar leaves an image as a gift to the foundation. These images are stored at Landskrona museum.

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Like many other photographers Claës Lewenhaupt acclaimed the daylight. The soft slightly sad and grey northern light that gently sneaks in and on over faces, bodies and fabrics, over food and people, room and gardens, over houses and landscapes.

The camera, preferably a Rolleiflex, in a proper height, a steady tripod, no artificial angles, never difficult poses or overambitious arrangements.

Claes was in many ways a classical photographer but in his own personal way. Images of fashion, food, gardening, portraits, and commercials like Flora, TT-beer, or Jane Hellen had their own often undated calm but never a boring character.

Claës died of cancer in May 1990. At Landskrona museum the largest part of his image archive is stored.