Time Light Love

© Anna Riwkin, Moderna Museet

”TIME/LIGHT/LOVE – Swedish Photographic Portraits 1840 2017” was the second exhibition based on collections and archives, presented by Landskrona Foto. While the first exhibition ”AgNO3 – Histories of Science and Photography in Sweden”, that was a success according to the public and the critics, analysed the use of photography for scientific purposes this follow-up exhibition was about the intimate, the secret and the human topics of life.

Time, light and love; Landskrona Foto is letting people with lives just as complex as our own come forth out of time. Besides our lives runs the story of our lives, stories that are told orally in texts and in images, by ourselves and by others. We are documenting and inventing each other, we are subtracting and adding, we are revealing and hiding, we are giving and taking. The photographies of the exhibition, extraordinary and beautiful, are creating possibilities to compare our lives to theirs and measuring our time against the past.

In this exhibition there were images shown of great Swedish portrait photographers as Anna Riwkin, Henry B Goodwin, Sune Jonsson and Lennart Nilsson, side by side with memories of images and moments by unknown photographers.