Each year Landskrona Foto presents Landskrona Foto Festival Memory. Please floow the link to get a glimps of what the Festival contained 2018 >>>

The art of photography becomes a part of the urban environment, in the parks and the shops, while simultaneously occupying the sanctuaries of fine culture. The love of photography, the commitment and drive to make Landskrona a photo city, reaches its crescendo during ten days in September.

The 2018 festival program showed 25 exhibitions from artists from more than 30 countries. Emerging or established, everyone was part of a festival where we create an exciting and visual scene with photography. A space that stirs emotions, provoke discussions and scratches beyond the surface of the mundane.

For ten days, indoor and outdoor, thousands of visitors shared new and innovative visual experiences, including topics such as the endangerment of the planet and its catastrophic effects, inequalities between men and women, identity, self-representation and migration.

Our artist dare to go where others might have been before, but few has applied the same level of tenacity and curiosity.Stycke

We are happy and grateful for all participating artists, for all the meetings we created and for each festival visitor we managed to touch, inspire, enlighten or overthrow.